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All Saints’ Episcopal Church appreciates your interest in our ministry and extends to you a warm welcome!


All Saints’ is a diverse and inclusive church, representing the young and the not so young, students, retirees and workers in and out of the home, and singles and families of all descriptions. Some of the members have worshiped in the Episcopal Church all of their lives, while others have come following God’s call to journey to a new place. Regardless of the point where you are in your faith journey, All Saints’ celebrates God’s presence here in this place and in the world, reflecting on the wholeness of God’s creation in our language, worship, prayers, and music.

“I’m New!” Questions and Answers

Where Are You Located, and Where Should I Park?

We are located close to the border of Kitty Hawk, at 40 Pintail Trail, Southern Shores, NC 27949. We have ample parking in front of the church, and most enter in the gazebo area.

What Should I Wear?

Our congregation generally dresses informally, and there are no expectations on what to wear. In summer months, many dress in shorts – we are after all a church at the beach!

What About My Children?

We have an attended Nursery for young children, and, at this point, a small Sunday School. These are both available in the Education building at the 10:30 service. We also invite parents to bring their children with them to any of our church services. We have a dedicated children’s area at the rear of the sanctuary. Ushers will gladly help you. 

Where Should I Sit?

We do not have typical church pews or assigned seats. We use chairs and you are welcome to sit wherever you are comfortable. We offer hearing assistance devices if needed. 

Who May Receive The Eucharist (Holy Communion)?

We invite anyone to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion with us – all may, some should, none must. We believe the Eucharist is a gift from God to be shared with all. We are an open-minded and open-hearted congregation!  

Must I Wear a Name Tag?

That’s your choice, and we want to respect your comfort level in both visiting with us and/or integrating into our All Saints community.  But we hope you will, because it’s important to us to welcome you; a name tag helps us do a better job of that.  We keep nametags for everyone near the entryway to the church and encourage all to wear them; hopefully, that is a help to you, as well.  The bottom line is that we are most happy to have you with us. We all remember how it felt to be “new” and want you to feel as welcome as you are to us.

I Like it Here!  What Do I Do Now?

We hope you will add your information to the visitor register in the Narthex; call the office at (252) 261-6674 with any questions; ask to be added to our email distribution list so you will be aware of events and opportunities; and find a ministry/committee you would like to join! 

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