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Spiritual Gatherings at All Saints'

All Saints' is actively involved in incorporating Spiritual Gatherings

both within our congregation and providing online resources

for more in-depth information from the Diocese of East Carolina

Daily Meditations 

For almost 90 years, Forward Movement has been supporting followers of Jesus in their daily walk with Christ. They first met several months after the Convention. At that meeting, amidst much prayer, the first leader of Forward Movement had an epiphany. He is reported to have said something like this:

“If we want the Episcopal Church to be strong, we need strong congregations. And if we want strong congregations, we need them to be filled not with habitual Christians, but with disciples.”  -Forward Movement

As they tried to figure out how to turn “habitual Christians” into disciples, they realized that daily prayer and study was an important practice. For resources, regular scripture engagement, daily prayer, and books about the Christian faith, please click this link.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

The All Saints’ Bible Study group welcomes everyone to participate in learning more about

the books of the Bible. The group meets each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Conference Room

of the Administration building. The class is open to attend for everyone--for one Sunday or more.

All are welcome!

Women's Spirituality Circle

The Women’s Spirituality Circle is a group where women can explore spirituality in its various forms. The group is for all women who are young or old, married, divorced, widowed or single, straight or gay, white, black, brown or green, and of any faith. It is a safe place within which to share because of the strict confidentiality, continuity and connection of the women. It is not strictly a social group. It is not a therapy group. It is a place to think and feel and be receptive to the spirit within each of us as well as the other women in the Circle.

Adult Education and Spirituality

The committee sponsors a variety of adult religious growth opportunities. 

The ministry of the Adult Education and Spirituality Committee (AESC) is to assist pastoral leadership in meeting the individual, small group, and community education and spirituality needs to the best of its ability. By conducting occasional surveys, and keeping in close contact with parishioners, vestry and other committee members, the AESC will meet those needs through on-line and in-person experiences. 

Tuesday Morning Small Groups
Men’s and Women’s Groups meet separately for discussion about spirituality at work in our lives.

Other Resources


Diocese of East Carolina                            Episcopal Church of the USA

Washington National Cathedral                   Episcopal Church Foundation


Rev. Dr. Joanna Siebert                       

Richard Rohr 

Frederick Buechner                                      


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