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The Nursery, provided for children 3 and under, is staffed by a coordinator and a volunteer and is located in the Education Building. Nursery service is provided during the 10:30 am church service. The Nursery rooms are a cheerful setting full of fun toys for the toddlers and a room where babies can rest peacefully. Volunteers are always welcomed for this important ministry.

             Children's Godly Play

Godly Play Class for children ages 4 through 5th grade is held at 10:30 am in Classroom 5 in the Education wing, from September through May. These life-giving stories invite children to wonder, imagine themselves in adventures of faith, and respond through art and play. Based on the Montessori method, Godly Play uses a careful telling of scripture stories, engaging story figures and a variety of creative activities to encourage children to seek and find their own answers to their faith questions.

This unique approach to religious education invites children to wonder about themselves, God and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful to them. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages them to use their curiosity and imagination to experience the mystery and joy of God.

The children gather for these stories with their teachers for approximately 45-50 minutes while their parents are in worship and meet weekly.

Come see this wonderful way of nurturing children’s faith and consider making it part of your child’s spiritual growth!

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