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Pastoral Care and Asking for Prayers

The Pastoral Care Committee can provide the services listed below to parishioners during times of crisis, illness or other needs. Most services are temporary, during a short-term situation. Some may be longer term such as cards, visits from Rector, etc.

Prayers- Please see below.
Meals- coordinator Jennifer Adams-Falconer.
Prayer Shawls- coordinator Ann Laughner.
Cards- coordinator Hilary Klein.
Transportation for medical appointments - coordinator Tim McKeithan.
Home Eucharists & Home/Hospital visits are being coordinated through our Pastoral Care coordinator in connection
with the Church Office Administrator at 252-261-6674. 

If you have a pastoral need, please contact the office or one of the clergy on call. Full information is posted in the Narthex and updated through our weekly emails. Until we have a new Rector in place, priestly Pastoral Care will be coordinated by Rev. Keith Dey, and will also include Rev. David Feyrer of All Saints', as well as Fr. Nathan Finnin and Rev. Tommy Drake at St Andrew’s. If a parishioner is aware of another who has pastoral needs, please check with them and let one of us know as appropriate. 

Remember that we are all Pastoral ministers to each other.


Asking for Prayers at All Saints

There are 2 main ways to ask for prayers for oneself or for another. If for another, the request should first be approved by that person.

Prayer Chain (Telephone Chain for quick response)
There are a group of parishioners who volunteer to pray confidentially at home for us. One can request these confidential prayers any time through the Prayer Chain. To start the Prayer Chain call or email one of the Prayer Chain leaders Ann Laughner or Sara Munford. Please give the name(s) of person to be prayed for, and a summary (as appropriate) of the concern and desired prayers. They will call those next on chain and soon all will be praying
for your concerns.


Prayers of the People
As a congregation we pray for those whose names have been placed on the list for Prayers of the People. This may be for a short-term need (a week or a month or so) or for more long-term need. To be placed on the list, please directly call one of the Prayer Chain leaders listed above, or Pastoral Care coordinator, Róisín McKeithan. Or you may call the church office (252) 261-6674 and give request to our Parish Administrator. Church office hours Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. If for another, the request should first be approved by that person.

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